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The world of menswear is filled with stipulations that you’re expected to follow in order to be considered ‘in the know’. We think this is crap. If your style consists of vintage Levi's and a blazer, a made-to-measure suit with a tie, or maybe just a relaxed shirt and pair of nice trousers, wear it! Or if it's something different entirely, wear it! The important thing is that your own personal style is the only thing that matters. Now we may not agree with what some people wear, just like we might not agree with some people’s opinions, but that does not mean they are necessarily wrong. They’re just different. And difference is something to be celebrated.

At Black River Tailors our aim is to combine three things; expression,

tailoring and vintage clothing. 

We don’t claim to be cutting edge, industry trendsetters or pioneers in any sense. We simply design menswear and source vintage clothes for men and we can only hope that there are like minded souls out there who share our tastes and our passions for unpretentious menswear and style. 

Our collection:

Our collection is a curated combination of made-to-measure suits, a capsule collection of ready-to-wear menswear and a selection of vintage clothing for men. We thus have three different ‘departments’ that work together in order to create a whole. 

Ready-to-wear. At Black River Tailors we want to provide our customers with the option of high quality, off-the-peg menswear, to complement our MTM section. However, we do not believe in overproduction in an industry that already sees huge surplus ending up in landfills.


This is why we make a limited selection of every design we have and when it is gone, it is gone. We never make the same design twice either. This ensures that even the wearer of our RTW pieces will rarely run into someone with the same look. 


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Black River Tailors | Ready-to-wear

In our opinion vintage clothing is often what makes a look completely unique. You can’t imitate the patina and charm that comes with age. Especially if you combine the odd old piece with high quality tailoring.


All our pieces have been curated in order to fit well with the pieces in our RTW section, but also be versatile enough to work with potential MTM creations. Rest assured that all our vintage items have been thoroughly checked for authenticity and condition. As with all vintage items, expect them to be broken in.

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Black River Tailors | Vintage

Made-to-measure. The step up from RTW to MTM is one that many people never take, and that is understandable. All we argue is that once you do, the difference you see and feel is immense. 

The main difference between a made-to-measure suit and one off the peg, is that you don't need a mirror to notice the fit. You feel it. This is not sales, this is fact. The reason for this is that the MTM-suit has been made with all your body's little irregularities in mind, which a RTW garment, by design, could never do. To find out more about MTM, or to book a time, please send us an email or whatsapp +358414936204

Black River Tailors | Made-to-measure
Black River Tailors | Look book
Black River Tailors | Look book

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Black River Tailors | Look book

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Black River Tailors | Look book
Black River Tailors | Look book
Black River Tailors | Look book

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We hope you like what we make, what we stand for and what we are trying to do in our own little corner of the menswear industry.