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A suit that has been made exactly to your measurements looks and feels different. It fits true to your body's shape and looks exactly the way you want it to. It is unique to you. As a customer, you can be as involved in the process as you like. 

Black River Tailors | M-T-M

Pricing on the MTM side starts at €1,400 but is very dependent on the customer’s choice of fabrics. We will make sure you have an idea of the price before you commit to anything. 


MTM requires a physical appointment so please get in touch below and we’ll find a place and time that works. 

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Black River Tailors | Look book
Black River Tailors | Look book
Black River Tailors | Look book

Essentially the process of a made-to-measure suit is split into three steps:

01 | Design & measurements

Consultation where we choose fabrics, look at fit, choose design elements (buttons, linings, lapels, etc.), take all your measurements and discuss what it is you want from your suit. This usually takes about 1 hour. 

02 | Production

According to your specifications. Normally we go from start to finish in 4-5 weeks, depending a bit on season. 

03 | Final fitting

To make sure that it fits the way it is supposed to.